In this blog post we’ll be looking at a question we get asked a lot – The Importance of Consistency on Social Media. We’ll break this down into some key points, then give you some useful takeaways to help you on your journey!

What do we mean by consistency?

Consistency comes in many forms on social media; from the time and days that you post to the types of content that you are creating. We can break this down into 4 key areas:

  • Voice
  • Volume
  • Quality
  • Topics

Within each of these areas, you can affect specific changes to your existing posting to make a massive impact of the overall reach of the account that you are using. Without consistency in one or more of these, your social media will be less effective.


Your Voice builds “Know, Like and Trust”

Your business Voice is incredibly important, it helps to build “Know, Like and Trust” with your target audience. Who is the person behind the brand? Why should I trust them, over the plethora of other people who have the same product or service?

When dealing with national level brands this can be tricky to get right, especially if the brand is not WELL known.  When dealing with a locally focussed brand/business – ones that try to find clients in a specific geographic area – for us it’s all about the personality! How do we let YOU shine through in the posts; how can we drip-feed information specific and personal to you, that helps to highlight the brand?

Selling You, Rather than your Product

Unless you have something which has never been seen before in your market, then you are ultimately more ‘sellable’ than your product or service.

Not everyone will want to buy from you, and you don’t want everyone! You do, however, want the people who respond to your content because they love it and potentially you! Some of the best businesses out there are not ashamed to be themselves and people that resonate with them will become customers.

“Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.” – Ann Handley

Whilst it feels counter-intuitive to not try and target your entire potential audience, it is, in fact, the opposite that is true. Focusing on the things that are important to your audience AND to you, can create a higher level of engagement and advocacy directly from your social media accounts.


Not how loud, but how often.

Do you find yourself in a situation where you look at your Instagram profile and you realise the last time you posted was at Christmas? It happens, you’re busy running your business and you’ve no time to ‘do it for the Gram’.

Consistency in the volume of posting is arguably one of the most important factors. The schedule can vary from industry to industry (with some it can monthly updates), but consistency is key.  Generally speaking, you want your content to be consistent and on a similar timeline of the people in the local area and potential new clients.  This means being there as often as possible and making sure that ‘the restaurant is always full’ (you never eat at empty restaurants).

This can present a problem.  It gets to 8 pm, you finally stop working and you remember you didn’t post on Facebook today!  It goes on like this for months and before you know it, you’ve not posted in 6 weeks…

Making sure that you are always providing new, interesting and engaging content ensures that when new (or existing) followers find your account, they are reassured that you take THEIR time seriously (by having fresh content).

Each platform has its own ‘averages’ which vary from country to country, but as a standard, the posting frequency would look like this:

  • Instagram: 5-10 posts a week
  • Facebook: 3-5 posts a week
  • Twitter: 15-50 posts a week
  • Pinterest: 30-50 posts a week
  • LinkedIn: 5-7 posts a week

That’s a lot of content you need to make (256 posts a year on your average Instagram account).  Volume, therefore, becomes MORE of an issue and missing posts become more of a problem. If people are looking at these platforms often (and they will be), you need to be able to maintain the volume of posting.  Posting less often would make sense to manage this, but of course if you drop the number of times you post, you are less likely to be seen by existing and new people.

So, how do we fix it?  

We say, double down and focus. Concentrate on one or two platforms that perform well, you can manage consistently and grow effectively.  Facebook and Instagram are good options for most Wedding Businesses as these work well together (hello, dual ownership) but the processes are slightly different ie. Instagram is more image focused, while Facebook has more copy.

Use Software to Help

There are great software options out there which can help you manage your social media – but if you’re really stuck, why don’t you check out our Scheduler Package.  We do the scheduling, so you don’t have to!


A genuine bug-bear of most of us is low-quality content. Mine specifically is; brands doing one of two things 1) selling their services on their social media platforms and 2) telling the customer what THEY think the customer NEEDS to hear.

Seth Godin in his book This is Marketing says: “people don’t want ¾ inch drill bit (as Theodore Levitt famously said) – you need to sell the hole in the wall…actually, you don’t need to sell the hole in the wall, you need to sell the feeling someone gets when their friend sees the artwork on the wall for the first time and says Wow!

Telling me/your customer that you are an X/Y means nothing (that’s what your Bio is for), selling them the dream of a hassle-free, stress reduced and happy wedding day – now that’s a service worth paying for. Showing them how previous people, you’ve worked with have had their perfect day – Now that’s a service I’m interested in buying!

“Stop selling. Start helping.” – ZigZiglar

Solve problems, add value and sell the dream/idea. This is how marketing has always worked and how it needs to work on social media. Telling me what YOU think I need to hear isn’t going to win me over – telling me something that is genuinely going to change how I look/feel about something – this is engaging content that can make the difference between gaining a client and your potential client scrolling past your post in the feed.

How do we do it?

At Weddingly, we spend a ton of time looking at content from our existing vendors, other people we have relationships with and of course from around the industry online to find not only the best quality content but also content that we feel adds real value to the user experience. For us this takes the form of different TYPES of weddings, products, services and what you might call ‘quirky’ items at weddings – from donut walls to dogs dressed for the occasion – this style of posting not only means we get to chose from some amazing accounts and showcase some awesome work, but it also serves as a place of inspiration for would-be brides and grooms, other vendors and the industry as a whole. It positions us in a way that shows potential clients (of Weddingly) and potential customers (of our vendors) that we are innovative and not the stuffy same-old-same-old content and messages that traditional platforms use.


Staying on topic/brand is so important. Having the consistency within the topic areas means your social media accounts become places to COME to. I know I’ll find X and Y if I come to this account. That could be as simple as;

  • Giving advice about wedding day [insert your service/product here]
  • Talking about your puppy/child/hobby
  • Sharing content from specific sources (local news/events/businesses)

When topic consistency is looked at we are able to find examples of not just WHAT to say, but HOW to say it.  This adds real value to the users and helps to elevate your brand above those who are saying: “We have 25 years of experience in weddings”.  All sounds great, but I don’t connect to you.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

How do you showcase your “why”?

Showcasing your ‘why’ is a tough thing to nail down. The immediate and easy response to the question: “Why should someone chose you” is usually met with. I offer a great service, I have X years experience in the industry…these are not unique things. Why did people swarm to Uber as opposed to the traditional London taxi that A) offers a great service (with especial enphasis on knowing the streets of London) and B) Has multiple years of experience – the answer frictionless payment – no need to struggle to find change (not in big notes) in the back of the car, no money changing hands at all, it’s already done FOR you!

Find your why. “I only aim to have 10 clients a year so I can spend as much time as possible WITH you, making your wedding not just the best day of your life, but also the best work I’ve ever produced”. “When planning your photographs, I will actively be asking you/following your social media channels (with permission) to see what photos YOU like and tailor your experience to that”

Once you have this, it’s time to bring that forward on your social media, we’re not suggesting every post has to include some WHY based phrasing, or the EVERY image needs to reflect this why, but it DOES need to come through. Choosing a photo of a couple that looks like their having fun at their ‘weird’ and ‘whacky’ wedding because THAT’S your why. Finding information about how the changes in the industry mean that more and more we’ll see bespoke weddings not fitting into a specific religious category, but into a humanistic category and showcasing that in the form of a tip/trick/advice – The Top 5 Things You Can Do To Personalise Your Wedding. This is showcasing why you do what you do and why using you is better for Brides/Grooms, because you don’t just SAY you’re passionate – you SHOW you are.


Consistency in your approach to social media is the key to making sure you are present online.  Your content should be individual to the target audience and using your own personality/likes or dislikes.  This allows your content to resonate with the people who would want to work with YOU.  You should also make sure that your content always tries to add VALUE, solve problems and be User-Centric, which is critical to making sure you aren’t selling what you think people want, instead you are showing them what they need!

Your next step

The simple answer is, get out there and start creating the content that your customers will love, grow the reach of your accounts and ultimately increase the potential to convert followers into paying customers!

Need an extra hand?

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