Engagement season is now in full swing and it won’t be too long before the wedding season comes back around. According to Chillisauce‘s Marriage Proposal Survey, Christmas Is the most popular time of year to propose with a total of 43% of votes, closely followed by Valentines day which received 36% of votes.

With the sudden rush of new proposals, it’s even more important to get ahead of the game to set yourself apart from your competitors. Here are our top tips to help ensure that you maximise business this season:

Get Organised

With the busyness of Wedding Season over and done, there are no opportunities for the “I don’t have time” thought that usually pops into all of our heads! Getting organised can really help maximise your productivity – a simple “To-Do” list can really help or why not check out our Time Blocking Template to help streamline your workload.

Update your online presence

“Shameless Plug Alert” Don’t forget to make the most out of your free Weddingly listing. Make sure your contact info is all still correct and that all links are working. You could also consider freshening up your images and your description to ensure that your listing is still up to date. Using your best images will really increase your chances of being noticed on any platform.

What if you’re Fed up with the old look of your website? Now is the perfect time to give your website a facelift. Perhaps you need a Rebrand or a complete Website Redesign. You could also consider refreshing your Instagram account by incorporating a new theme for your grid, keeping it consistent with your other platforms.

Ask for reviews

Do you have any weddings this year that you are particularly proud of? Why not ask a couple you have recently worked with to write a review? After all, what the worst that could happen… perhaps they say no, but it’s worth the ask! Promoting reviews on your website or social media will give you the upper hand when it comes to getting newly engaged couples to book through you and will also build your credibility. It’s all about Social Proof – it helps build trust, which helps the sale!


When enquiries from newly engaged couples start flooding in, the last thing you want to be worrying about is conjuring up the perfect images and captions for your social media.

Start by curating all your images from the most recent wedding season and schedule your posts in advance using a social media management platform. We recommend using Buffer, which essentially publishes your posts for you at your preferred time.

If you’re struggling with getting your social platforms up to scratch, chat with our team about the ways that we can help you here.

Get educated

Get ahead of the game whilst you can and use this time to educate yourself and your business. Immerse yourself in the 2019 predicted wedding trends, attend workshops or training in an area you have never considered before. Or simply read all the wedding business blog posts in existence, particularly our Weddingly Academy blog of course (Another shameless plug).

What are your top tips for making the most of engagement season?  What worked well for you last year? Comment below or join in the chat in our Facebook Group here.

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