Tis the season! With Christmas around the corner and Winter at our door, we all need some Winter Warming, but winterproofing is more than simply preparing yourself for the cold. Are you and your business ready for the Christmas break? It’s important that your business doesn’t freeze over this Winter, so we have listed our 5 top tips to winterproof your business.

Keeping Cosy

You may be ready to get cosy over the winter period sat in front of a fire, with your fluffy socks on, but have you thought about keeping your business cosy whilst you have a well earned break over Christmas? It is important to make sure you stop your leads from going cold as well as your home, so why not send your leads a lovely note to let them know when you are around? You might also want to send your current clients a gift, or a Christmas card, to wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them that you love them!

Programming your thermostat

We wouldn’t think twice about programming our thermostats to stop our pipes freezing if we were to leave our homes over the Christmas period. Well, this is much the same as programming your business! There are a whole host of things you can do including; scheduling your social media posts using Buffer, scheduling mail shots and Christmas emails, as well as setting up an email automation to save you time and energy!

Wrapping up your pipes

Another way to stop your pipes from freezing is to wrap them up in insulation as the temperature drops.  For your business it is also best that you also wrap up your pipeline during the winter season. Clear out those old enquiries, and log any outstanding ones, to ensure your business continues to flow nicely and doesn’t freeze over your break. Nobody wants to be wading through leads whilst trying to kick start their new year’s resolutions upon returning to work.

Check your boiler pressure

No-one wants a boiler breakdown so it’s not just your boiler pressure that needs checking during this cold winter, your own internal pressure should not be overlooked. Work-related stress is becoming more prevalent, so it’s really important that you put techniques in place to help you manage this and avoid burnout. From making sure you separate your work life and your home life, as well as setting yourself achievable goals, to looking after your health by eating regularly, drinking enough water, exercising and sleeping enough. All these factors should help combat your stress and allow you to enjoy your Christmas break.  Take a look at our post on Avoiding Burnout here

Draught proofing / seal the gaps

Finally, draught excluders and draught proofing your home help you keep that heat in and that cold out – saving energy and money.  Like this, you could also stop your energy and money from slipping through the gaps within your business. Perhaps you could review your marketing spend and cancel any subscriptions that you no longer need? Or you could go paperless with digital contracts and invoices or ditch your landline telephone? Making smarter choices reduce your business costs, there is no better time for a refresh than in the new year!

What are your top tips for Winterproofing your Business?  What worked well for you last year? Comment below or join in the chat in our Facebook Group here.


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