Let’s get real here for a moment.  Wedding Planning, Wedding Organising, Wedding-anything… is hard work.  Yes, this industry is full of love, joy and delight (which makes what we do so worthwhile), but it’s also notoriously challenging.

Working with a couple and contributing to such a momentous life event can be emotionally fraught, both positively and negatively. Those wedding vendors who work one-on-one with couples can find themselves not only carrying out the highly stressful, meticulous and time-sensitive job they were hired to do, but also filling an emotionally supportive role.  In addition, we are not likely to get repeat business, so have to focus on generating new opportunities all the while.

So how do we stay sane and avoid burnout, especially during wedding season?

Here’s how to keep on top of the emotional and physical work pressures we have to cope with:

Take Breaks.

Wedding season is busy, but you deserve to take breaks and to take holiday too.  You will not be at your best self if you are working all hours of the day.

Spend time doing something you love – that is not your business.

Find a hobby, read a book, take a bath, go out for dinner…. Whatever it is that get’s your heart a-flutter when you are not working, try and use this to support your own needs.

Pamper yourself. 

Taking time out can also be physical – a massage, something which takes care of your body, can be really helpful with reducing the physical impact of working long hours and it can also provide some well-needed time out.


Not something I particularly ascribe to myself (as a self-professed “indoors girl”) but light exercise not only burns calories, but can also prevent burnout by giving you space and time to relax. Plus, the endorphins will help induce feelings of well-being and happiness!


Described as the act of practicing being “in the moment”. When the pressures of working life can get to you, try taking a few minutes to focus on your breathing, where you are and what’s around you.  This act can focus your mind and calm any anxiety you might be experiencing.


Most people need between 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep. Before resting, switch off your mobile phone, avoid screen time, and take deep breaths.  Deep breathing, when practiced, can help support a quick sleep routine and provide better rest.  Try breathing in for 5 counts, holding your breath for 7 counts and breathing out for 5 counts.  Believe me, it works!  Usually within 5 repeats of this, I’m out for the count!

Taking one task at a time.

Multitasking is not actually the best way to manage workload.  Instead, try breaking down your to do list into mini, focused tasks that you can complete within 20 minutes. After each, take a short 5 minute “brain break” before focusing on the next task.  This is more effective than working on many things for several hours and you will likely be more productive.


If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed easily or finds that their clients off-load their issues onto you, then journaling may help support your processing of these emotions.  Writing in your diary is not just helpful with to-do lists or shopping lists, but also helpful for managing your own thoughts and feelings and “off-loading” some of these too.

What are your top ways to avoid burnout during busy seasons?  What keeps you motivated?

Tell us what you think!