Wedding Fair Season runs from mid-January to around the end of April, and then starts again in September, and is a huge focus for the Wedding Industry across the board.  With new and emerging styles of fairs, exciting opportunities and amazing venues to exhibit at, it is one of the primary ways that businesses, locally and nationally, promote their wedding services to couples.

But, what happens when it’s all finished?  What do you do next?  Well, we have put together some key areas where you can focus your attention to build your business during the Wedding Season around the bookings you have in your diary.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Shameless plug here… Make the most of your Weddingly Listing! When was the last time you spoke with your account manager?  Did you know there are tons of ways you can get involved with what Weddingly are doing?  Here are just some of the ways we can support you:
  • Do you have a great offer on at the moment? Let us shout about it on Social Media.
  • Was your last wedding unique, funky, cool, beautiful or different? Send us some great images (if you are not a photographer, get the photographer to share their images with us for you) and we can create an amazing blog post – just make sure you have the couple’s permission!
  • Have an idea for a video, podcast, blog post or event? Speak to the team and we’ll chat with you about the ways we can support you in this!
  • Have you checked in about when our next styled shoot is?
  1. Work the Weddings you have. The clients you have right now are the best opportunities for building your brand, profile and engaging with new clients too.  Speak with the photographer for the wedding and find out if you can use their images for your website, social and other services such as marketing and directories.  Shout about your work!  Make sure that, as you reach the end of your contract with your couples, you get their permission to use images from their wedding and to continue being in touch (GDPR regulations and all that!) that way you can appropriately follow up with them, which brings us to…
  2. Get the review. When you have completed an awesome wedding – get the great review!  (Again, make sure you have permission to contact them after the contract ends).  Ask your couples to review you on social, across your directory services and if they would be happy for you to place their great feedback on your website too.  Testimonials go a long way to building trust with future clients, and, as we all know, people buy from people that they trust!
  3. Be Innovative.  Your social media presence, blog, website, are all tools for you to showcase your work, products and services – but think about how you are doing this.  Are you doing the same-ol’-thing and getting the same-ol’-results?  Maybe it’s time to switch it up!  Get researching and start collaborating with other vendors about exciting new projects you can shout about!
  4. Real Weddings and blog posts. Following on from point 2, a real wedding blog post is a great way to showcase your work.  Be personal and include the detail (as long as you have consent to do so!) and make it fun for your reader.  Include great artwork and images and your post will stand out.  Then social it – put it all over your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts – give people a chance to see your work and the work of the other suppliers included in the images too – on that note…
  5. Referrals.  Make sure you get the names and social handles/websites of the other suppliers featured in any images you use across social or your own website.  And, beyond all else, make sure you do not forget to credit the photographer – remember, it’s their copyright!  Being a fair player in this industry encourages referrals to you – if you shout about them, it’s likely that they’ll shout about you too.  We believe in credit where credit is due!  Don’t be afraid to speak with the other suppliers, build relationships and in turn you will start to see the referrals coming intoo.  Just make sure you check you’re happy with their compliance to current regulations around GDPR if they are passing along information – you don’t want to be caught out by someone not having the right permissions.
  6. Build relationships with the venues. This is a prime opportunity to get a chance to build relationships with the venues themselves.  When you are providing services for a wedding, don’t forget to speak with the wedding co-ordinator.  Legitimate Interest (GDPR) allows for you to contact the wedding co-ordinator to speak with her/him about the requirements for delivery, providing services for the couple and venue, timings etc.  Use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself and get consent to contact again after the wedding to showcase some of the work you do.  It could even be a chance to become a recommended supplier. 

There are lots of other ways to boost your promotion and exposure during the wedding season, these are simply a few great ways you can do it.  Don’t forget, this season is prime content generation, use it wisely and set yourself up for next year too!

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