The bless-ed Buy and Sell Facebook Groups!  We simultaneously love and hate them!  For some couples, this is a great way of researching quickly, for others it’s a place to vent frustrations and find last minute deals – but what about for the vendor?

Primarily these groups are not chatting groups but usually filled with “spamming” so what do you do to make these work for you?  Or do you simply avoid them altogether?

If you want to use them, here’s our take on it…


  1. Buy and Sell (B&S) groups are useful… sometimes. If you have big gaps in your diary and are looking to bring money in with a short lead time, you can use B&S to pull leads in – if you handle it correctly!  Look at the ways you generate leads – create an amazing image based post (we love Canva for this) and use something short and sweet in the wording section, let your image do the talking.  Your picture can include some wording (such as an offer).


  1. Launching an Offer: B&S groups are great spaces for you to test the waters with an offer.  If you are not sure – ask for opinions!


  1. Be a Voice: When you see someone asking for advice, and you can give it, go for it. Be a voice and position yourself to be someone people turn to.  This is a great way to get referrals too – the more the admins, couples and other vendors see you providing useful feedback, the more likely you are to receive great referrals.  They can’t refer you if they don’t know you!


  1. Become a referrer and a referee! Pay it forward – referring other great suppliers for different couples’ needs, will in turn build your own referrals.  Being a great referrer builds relationships and helps you build trust.


  1. Post more than once a week: Remember that the feeds move quickly in some of the groups so post often (you can recycle your posts in each group by Sharing your post from your main page if that’s easier for you).  Don’t simply post offers and products, but post useful content, blog posts, articles, information for other vendors as well as for the couples.   It’s another way to become the voice people turn to.


  1. Spamming… Ugh! This is a difficult one, it goes against every part of my being, but “spamming” – (this is key) when requested – can bring in business. But there are some key points to remember here: Usually when people are asking to be “spammed” with what you can offer, it’s likely that they are looking for a deal, so this might not be the best option to get leads for weddings in the future, more for late lead diary-fillers as price point will be the deciding factor.  Be aware that heavy discounts can dilute your offering so your aim should be to make it work for you rather than simply being the lowest bidder.  In addition, your aim should be to build a rapport with the couple requesting for “spamming” as building a rapport is more likely to improve your sales process.  You may find it more successful to get their consent for you to direct message them (or email them) with details of what you can offer.  That way you get a chance to chat with them directly, rather than over comment feeds.


What are your thoughts on Wedding Buy and Sell Groups?  Love them?  Hate them?  Comment Below!


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