You’ve secured the business, you’ve got the contract and now it’s time to plan – but that’s not the end of the selling journey. Oh no, it’s just the beginning, time to up-sell!

While the client in front of you has already made the purchase (and arguably it’s better to up-sell during the sales process prior to contract so it’s secured) remember that the journey from initial sale to actual product (their wedding) is a continuation of that sales journey and should be treated as such.  Up-selling is a major part of this.

Up-selling should be one of the primary tools you use to build your wedding revenue in your property – before you even consider upping your wedding rates, you should be raising the revenue by encouraging your couples to spend more – remember, if you can prove the on-spend then you can raise your rates.

The most important consideration when thinking about up-selling to a client, is making that upgrade, or additional product, beneficial to the client.  That means considering what is valuable to them and not just to you.  The easiest wins are the ones which are tailored to their needs.  When considering features and benefits – sell the benefit, not the feature!

So let’s look at some key areas where you can up- sell during the planning process with your couples:

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