Dear Vendor,

I thought I would write a little letter to you, from me, your wedding venue co-ordinator, so that we can become better partners, working together to make our couples happy.

I wish you knew…

what it is like to look after around 50 weddings in their entirety every year. From start to finish, I manage every detail. From the guest check-ins and the arrival of each supplier, to the timings of the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, to the drinks and bar tab details. I love it, but it is exhausting and super busy. Especially as I am often looking after more events than that wedding that weekend! If you could visit and get to know the venue ahead of the wedding week, this would give us a little more time together on the day. I’ll be able to answer all your questions and can give you the time you need to make their day lovely.  

that I get asked my opinion on everything, for each of those 50 couples. From tea lights, to table centers, to photographers, to hair and makeup ideas.  If I know what you do, I might be able to tell them about you! Off season is quieter for me, I would love to use this time to meet and find out more about you, so I can recommend you when I am asked.    

that making sure each couple has the best day possible is my highest priority.  I wish you also knew though, that, unfortunately, this might mean that I have to say “no” from time to time. Not all requests are appropriate at my venue, and not all requests are possible, but I do my best with what I can. Sometimes, the decision isn’t even mine and I can’t change it even when I wish I could!   

that I have to manage everyone’s expectations – the operations team, the chef, the senior management, the front of house team, not to mention the couple! Please try to make my life easier and help me manage yours well. Speak to me, get to know me and give me time to look into requests if they are unusual – I will always do my best to help!

that I don’t have control over the couple’s payment schedule.  Please don’t ask me to chase monies for you. Chances are, if they haven’t paid you, they haven’t paid us either!

that timings are really hard to manage and I don’t always have storage space.  Unless my venue is hired exclusively, I have to manage other bookings in-house at the same time, including where equipment and decorations are stored for all of these.  This usually means I sit, on a weekend, with boxes of wedding decorations around my ears in my office as it’s the only space left. Please label your items carefully, this really helps!  Please also speak with your couples ahead of time so they can liaise with me if you need to deliver anything before the wedding day. It really helps if we can arrange this in advance, but ideally it’s preferable to deliver on the day if you can.  

I am here to help. Please feel free to ask me if there is an emergency situation. I am here to help the couple and by extension, you. I have handled everything from dresses breaking, flowers wilting and ice sculptures melting to serious vendor sickness and no shows – I am well prepared to help you. 

if I recommend you, that reflects on me. Please respect our relationship and do your best for my couples!

that I like it when you thank me for a recommendation. A courtesy email noting where you got the recommendation from is really kind. It really makes my day when a couple get to know someone I think is great!

Anyway, I hope that this has been helpful and we can build an even better relationship in the future!  Please let me know what I can do to help us build our wedding business together.


Your Venue Co-ordinator xx

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