Let’s be fair here, the Wedding Industry is Reactive – we can’t phone people up and say “oh hi, are you getting married next year perhaps? Are you looking for a photographer/florist/wedding venue etc.” – unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. So, we have to be Reactive, we have to wait for clients to find us.

But how can we be as Proactive as we can within this industry, let’s look at 6 ways:

1.Marketing: Marketing is as proactive as you can get. Targeted marketing on social media, ensuring you have a media presence, making sure you have great SEO and other techniques allow your business to be found by couples who are looking. Take a look at the Marketing section of the Academy for more great detailed ideas on how to improve your marketing strategy.

2. Reviews: Over 90% of couples use online reviews to select their wedding vendors (survey by bluemagnetinteractive) which means you need to have reviews! Ask your couples to give you feedback directly to you, if it is great then request that they add a review to your platforms, if the feedback isn’t great then hopefully you can work on it so it’s better in the future! Win, Win!

3. Follow Up: This is a mistake a lot of vendors make, not following up! Your business may be typically reactive but if you contacted your couples after services have been rendered you could get more business from them and help keep that relationship. Not just through a great review but consider other ways you could work with them. Why not send them a card on their anniversary? You can even include a little money off voucher should they want to book something with you again – you might not be getting a wedding this time but birthday parties, anniversaries and christenings/dedications/baby naming ceremonies are all great additions to an already thriving wedding business. Or they may give that voucher to a friend who could book a larger package with you for their special day!

4. Make Wedding Fairs work for You: For more details on this, see our other post “12 top tips for getting the most out of your time and money” – make them work for you, be confident and work that room!

5. Special Offers: Special Offers can work wonders as they have more reach than your usual social media marketing. Make sure they are achievable, targeted and measurable so you can see what works best!

6. Collaboration: We, at Weddingly, believe in collaboration! Remember that for every wedding you turn down there is someone who would be pleased to take that business and vice versa! Connect and network with great, like-minded vendors – you will soon find that you have referrals from lovely people! It’s a great way of supporting each other and to get additional business. Join us for #HCWedHour on Tuesdays at 8pm on Twitter to connect with other vendors and couples in the Home Counties and grow your own network from the comfort of your sofa!

What other ways can you think of to be more proactive in this reactive industry – let us know your thoughts below!

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