Micro Weddings – sounds like something you would get in a children’s pocket toy but they are an actual thing!  With fewer guests, these weddings were typically called “intimate” weddings (which, let’s be fair, sounds like something else altogether!) and are now emerging as a new trend in the market.

A Micro Wedding might sound like it would be something not to pursue; smaller wedding equals smaller budget, right?  Not necessarily! These Micro Wedding Couples are couples typically looking for not budget-friendly, but, instead, style-friendly vendors.  

Weddingly Micro Weddings - the New Trend You Need to Consider

Micro Weddings are a usually higher cost per head and prioritise spending their budget on the things that really matter to them, whether that be the exclusivity of a smaller venue, an incredible personalised and bespoke cake or a fantastic documentary videographer and photographer to be there all day. These Micro Weddings want to spend – they just want it to matter.

For these couples: Gone are the days where budgets are dictated to by parents making decisions for them. Gone are the days of elaborate guest lists without knowing half of the attendees. And gone are the days of selecting their priorities on what other people want.  These Micro Wedding Couples know what they want and they know how to get it.

Weddingly Micro Weddings - the New Trend You Need to Consider

So, what do we need to keep in mind?

Just because they are having a small wedding, don’t assume they can’t afford you.  A 100 person wedding at only £75 per head is less valuable than a 20 person wedding with £500 per person to spend.

If you are a wedding supplier (rather than a venue), then ask where their venue is – you can use this to help guide your conversations as you can often tell an overall budget by the venue choice.  This is not a hard-and-fast rule, however!

Weddingly Micro Weddings - the New Trend You Need to Consider
If in doubt, ask what they are looking for!  Chances are, if they are looking at you, they can afford you, but always worth being up front.

Listen out for keywords such as; bespoke, designed, tailored, all day, something different, alternative etc. All of these words suggest something with a potentially higher budget.

Most importantly, don’t sell down- You are worth what you are worth!

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