Does this sound like you? Or do you embrace social media, but feel that you could be doing more? Or using it more effectively?

We will be going into social media in lots more detail, but if like so many others, you’re wandering around a little lost, then take a look at this great infographic from Venngage. It gives you a great snapshot overview of Social Media in general. From tips on which platform to use, to how frequently you should post, it’s all here in a neat little chart.

Whilst we agree with most of the information documented below, we don’t agree with the posting schedule. In particular, the Facebook posting schedule. As of now (June 2017) Facebook far rewards posts that are generating engagement rather than flooding your page with oodles of posts. We actually recommend 2-3 posts per week- but make sure you make them good ones. Now it’s all about quality rather than quantity. The key to any post is to get the engagement, so aim for this, rather than a chocker posting schedule and it will unlock the door to new, fresh, more enthused customers. Plus, in

Plus, in reality this takes the heat off you. Rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not letting yourself down by not posting a trillion times per day. Unless you’re a huge brand and you’ve hundreds of thousands of followers burning through your content quicker than you can write it, focus on producing fewer posts that perform better.


It’s far better you utilise your time effectively to build one platform that is considered, beautiful, engaging and thriving, than chasing your tail trying to manage 4 platforms every day. You can get very far with just one platform.

We know that tackling and conquering Social Media is key for Businesses in the Wedding Industry, so we’ll do our best to deliver more on this topic, but for now, over to Venngage.

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